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2x5x2 50 Sentences

So I needed a break from writing my other longer stories that actually have a plot so I wrote these. For fun, for inspiration...plot bunnies...

DISCLAIMER: I really want them for myself, especially the pretty Dragon but they belong to someone else.
RATING: NC-17 to be on the safe side

#1 - SMILE
Duo might always grin and laugh but it's only Wufei that he truly smiles at.

#2 - RAIN
The first time Duo saw rain he cried like the boy that he was and Wufei could only hold him until the storm had passed.

#3 - SHAPE
Even in the dark, they would always know the shape of each other's face.

Duo always claimed that he first fell for Wufei when he saw him wearing his small golden-framed glasses.

#5 - SLOW
It was a slow process, them getting together, but all the sweeter for it.

#6 - GET OUT
Duo always threw him out when they fought but he always came back.

There was a certain amount of irritating people who didn't approve of their relationship but neither Wufei nor Duo cared; they had each other.

#8 - HUGS
Wufei supposed he should be jealous that Duo was so generous with his hugs but all he cared about was that he was the only one who got to have Duo's kisses.

His first impression of Wufei was that the guy was boring and anal: he was later shown that the Dragon was just shy and focused and only he ever got to have him.

They helped each other forget the bad memories of war by creating the new ones of their life together.

Duo really was a braided annoyance, especially when all Wufei wanted to do was sleep.

#12 - NO WAY OUT
Wufei would never give him a way out of this relationship; not that he would ever want it.

#!13 - SHY
Who would have ever thought that the dangerous Dragon was just shy?

Duo belonged to Yuy but Wufei couldn't help but want him for himself.

The best part of leaving on missions was coming back home to Wufei; pushing him against the hallway wall and fucking him then and there.

That was all he had, just one stolen kiss to last him a lifetime.

#17 - A SCAR
His body was covered in scars, but the one that hurt the most and hurt still was the one that couldn't bee seen, the one from when the one he wanted the most left him for someone else.

When you love a guy, even his rants of justice sound like the sweetest music

Being sick sucked; he wanted a real kiss not the butterfly ones.

He loved Duo, he really did, but sometimes he just wanted to be alone for a while.

Damn that Une; he just wanted to go home and cuddle his Dragon; or fuck him.

They rarely had the time to relax, but when they did they always made the best of it; in bed.

Duo will always love the sight of Wufei's flushed cheeks when he came.

He could still remember the time when he first saw the man he had thought untouchable vulnerable; the day Wufei confessed he loved him.

#25 - PEACE
With Duo there was never peace in the house but Wufei would rather have no peace than no Duo.

#26 - TEARS
Together they have learned that the tears were not the sign of weakness, but strenght.

#27 - SKY
To him, Wufei was just like the sky - untouchable.

#28 - STARS
During the War they have forgotten just how beautiful the stars were; only now did they start to remember.

#29 - DANCE
It all started with dancing lessons and now, years later, going dancing was their favorite date.

#30 - WORK
Wufei had one rule that Duo just loved breaking - no sex at work!

#31 - SEX
Taking things slow was good in theory; in practice they have sex as often as possible, where ever possible.

Everyone thought it impossible, Duo maxwell devoting himself full to Chang Wufei, but he proved them all wrong on the day when he put a ring on a shaky bronze hand.

#33 - HOME
The war ended and only the two of them were homeless so they found home in each other.

#34 - FEAR
Duo feared Wufei leaving him to get married and Wufei feared Duo leaving him for Yuy; that fear only made them treasure each other more.č

#35 - PAIN
How come having a cold hurt so much worse than being shot, Duo wondered while trying to swallow the broth Wufei was feeding him.

#36 - KISS
Their first kiss was a consequence of a mission but all the others that followed weren't.

#37 - TRUST
His trust was complete even when the others tried to make him doubt.

Wufei was always jealous of Yuy until he realized that Duo was his and his alone.

#39 - LIES
Duo never lied and Wufei learned to do the same; at least not to Duo.

It wasn't love at first sight; maybe second or third, but love still.

#41 - MONEY
They all had more money than they could spend, thanks to Yuy, but he and Duo gave it all to the ones that needed it more and went to work for the Preventers.

It was sweet torture, watching a half-naked Wufei do his katas each morning.

#43 - HAIR
So he had a hair fetish, so what?!

#44 - SNOW
Wufei hated snow but he loved watching Duo play in it.

#45 - BROKEN
Not even the War broke him the way Duo did when he left.

He wasn't a fan of Christmas before, but Duo loved Christmas and as a result so did he.

#47 - PURPLE
Forever his favorite color.

#48 - SOUND
No matted what Wufei said, Duo loved the sound of his voice.

#49 - FOOD
It was a good thing Wufei knew how to cook.

#50 - MOON
It was a place they almost died together, making them want to live together.
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