Squirrel of Doom (feidragon) wrote in wufei_lovers,
Squirrel of Doom

Beta search

Hello Everyone!

Not to be much of a copy cat of anything, but I ALSO need a beta! I have two fics:

Beloved: ~11,000 words after series fic, WufeixZechs (semi AU as Wufei's part in the Barton Rebellion is basically ignored and he doesn't join preventers)

Jungle Heat: over 15,000 words AU fantasy/period piece, TreizexZechs, TreizexZechsxWufei. Set in Colonial India with Treize and Zechs as semi-exiled military personnel and Wufei as a shape shifter. It's all sorts of fun because Wufei is a lot less 'justice rant' and a lot more dark, slinky, seducer.

If anybody's interested in betaing either, let me know. Grammar and spelling is probably 90% alright, its just mistyping actual words and rephrasing/word choice that might need work. Plus looking for inconsistencies or gaping holes.
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