biitochan (biitochan) wrote in wufei_lovers,

Looking for a fic!


I don't know if this is allowed, but i'm desperate! I've been looking for a fic which i read about 1 year or so ago.

I know it was in Wufei's POV, so yea its a Wufei centered fic. It was about Wufei, Heero and Duo going on a mission together. I think Heero and Duo were in a relationship too. Well they were in a mission but something went wrong and hm i remember they had to go up on a treee or something high. Then they had to wait for the Quatre and Trowa to rescue them, and i remember they got wounded. Then Wufei starts to think about their friendship and about Heero and Duo's relationship or something. I remember that Duo and Heero got rescued first then when it was wufei's turn the tree branch or something broke and he almost died (he thought he was going to die and was happy Duo and Heero had eachother or something) and at the end Duo hugs him and starts crying and tells him he's their friend and Heero comes over and they all hug or something. So it was sort of a 1+2+5 i think.

ANyone have an idea of what the fic might be? >< thanks!
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